Alwin Viaene - drawing and printmaking artist

His work consists of fluid constructions, organic shapes and restless linesculptures. Dynamic structures are recurring elements within his work. He tries to deepen out his copper engravings,by contrasting black and white areas,giving them a vivid appearance. 

Alwin Viaene works as a psychologist and studied drawing arts in Ghent, later on he switched to printmaking.





Clinical Psychology - University Ghent 

Drawing Art - Kask Ghent

Printmaking -Kamer 108


Wall drawing experiment (Kask Ghent)

Bottom line (Kask Ghent)

Oneironaut expo

Where is bokito? (Rits Brussels)

Stek: friday art sessions

Yugen: Illustrators & Friends

Little Things: brunch lunch art

Album artwork

Elektric Blue (Simon Zweers)

Wandjina (Jens van Esch)

Gizmo (Geert Hendrickx)

 © 2019 by Alwin Viaene 

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